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13 Herbal Wormer for Horses

13 Herbal Wormer for Horses

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The herbs used in this combination are for the maintenance of a healthy and naturally worm- and parasite-free system. This combination works by simply maintaining an environment which is not welcoming to parasites and worms; they are opportunistic and need an unclean environment to thrive.

This product may be beneficial in:

  • Underweight
  • Parasites in manure
  • Rough hair coat
  • Persistent tail rubbing

Active Ingredients: A proprietary blend of (Garlic, Cascara, Clove, Kelp, Sage, Slippery Elm, Wormwood, Chaparral and Juniper) 7560 mg per tbsp. Scoop included.
Inactive Ingredients: NONE
Recommended use: 1 level scoop per day for 10 days, for 1000-1200 lb horse. There are approximately 60 scoops per 1 lb bag, and 11 scoops per 3 oz bag.
Available sizes: E13-1 1 lb re-sealable foil bag, E13-3 oz re-sealable foil bag
To see more of why you should use our herbal wormer for horses please click this video link.
Also here is an article from us, that suggest when you should use herbal wormer and why it is important.

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